We want answers to the major questions of purpose in our lives and the experience of a lifetime. We will be video documenting our entire journey on the Appalachian Trail to be able to put together a documentary after we have finished. We will also be documenting what we learn from the rest of the hikers and other people we meet on the trail as we ask them to share their stories. We want the documentary to be as organic as possible. The Appalachian Trail is such a huge undertaking and a serious commitment for all of those who choose to hike it. We fully expect the journey to change us as it has changed so many others and we want to document that change and our growth on the trail. Charlie was an exceptionally cool guy who changed all of our lives and we want to honor his life by making a difference in the world he left behind. Like most of his peers, Charlie was trying to figure life out and was about to take it by storm with a whole new outlook. We want this documentary to be a commentary on what makes people happy and fulfilled so that we can all learn from how powerful nature and following your bliss is at healing the people of this world. Hiking the Appalachian Trail teaches how to live sustainably and have a mutually beneficial relationship with the Earth that can better both parties. We hope to break out of the binds the world has put on us over the past few years, struggling to identify ourselves in a society obsessed with consuming, whether it be material objects, harmful substances, unjust politics or value systems and truly liberate our minds, bodies, and spirits. We want to take these profound steps in our lives and bring it to the world as well so we can all share the positive messages that are born on the trail.