We are six college students looking for the adventure that Charlie would have loved and joined us on. We wish to embody the fellowship Charlie so dearly took to heart and live it for four months on the trail. This trip will no doubt pose great physical and mental challenges, but we hope to emerge with a greater understanding of what we are capable of as individuals and the great accomplishments that come from a unified body and purpose.

UPDATE! The remaining four hikers still on the trail are Sarah, Daniel, Peter and Bill. We plan to hike the last 2 months together and hopefully the remainder of our original crew will be able to rejoin at some point. We look forward to new terrain in a part of the country none of us have ever hiked in before and relish this opportunity for adventure and wisdom that only the natural splendor of the Appalachian Trail can give.

Since April 3rd we have spent so much time rejoicing in this amazing experience and remembering our best friend Charlie. His memory remains strong in our hearts and encourages us to push towards our goal. We’ve learned that no matter what challenges we face, as a group we can overcome anything and succeed. The new people we have met on the trail and the amazing experiences we have shared with them have truly opened our lives to a new perspective on the power of fellowship as we strive to embody one of our favorite traits of Charlie, which was his complete compassion for other people. Our emotional, spiritual, mental and physical challenges come and go but we welcome them with open arms and remember Charlie’s love for adventure.

Holden Moore »

Anywhere is walking distance, if you have the time. Hey, I’m an Appropriate Technology student at Appalachian State University. I love to learn in general and specification definitely inhibits growth :0. My family comes from Charleston, South Carolina and the beach will always be home. The College of Charleston was where I spent my freshman year but transferred to ASU to enjoy the mountain air. Writing is good, music is too and I love to play the drums. I want to help all beings, from humans to raccoons, both strangers and loved ones and all that fall in between. Charlie was an old and most dear friend and much of who I am I attribute to good ol’ “Butterbuns”. His love and companionship knew no bounds and his lessons I hope to embody for the remainder of my life.
A wise person once said: “Men go forth to wonder at the heights of mountains, the huge waves of the sea, the broad flow of the rivers, the vast compass of the ocean, the courses of the stars: and they pass by themselves without wondering.” I wonder; we gotta get back to the basics. I look to the sky often, and the earth equally. Beauty is everywhere! My birthday is March, 23rd 1991. Moondance and NOLS taught me valuable lessons of fellowship and natural law. Love and community is how we’ll do it– It is the key, the way through! If I could be any animal I would be a frog.

« Sarah Schattenfield

My name is Sarah Schattenfield, I grew up in Charlotte, NC with two brothers and one sister. I am 21 years old and currently enrolled at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. I previously attended Appalachian State University for three semesters and also spent one semester at the NC State Prague Institute in the Czech Republic. I worked as a maid at a lodge in Yellowstone National Park the summer following my freshman year. My goal is to honor the life of Charlie Butterworth by following an old dream and helping others along the way. If I could be any animal I would be an iguana.

Peter Wegener »

My name is Peter Wegener, I am the youngest of four children. Originally from Indianapolis, my family moved to Charlotte, North Carolina when I was 6 years old. I am currently finishing my junior year at Appalachian State University, where I am studying Actuarial Sciences. Often I can be found cranking out math problems in the library, but during my free time in Boone I enjoy hammock–ing on the parkway, grilling out, and poker games with friends. To survive being the youngest, I had to quickly become a creative problem solver. I believe this is why I have gravitated towards mathematics. My favorite color is green. I know the odds are stacked against me when I play poker so I rely heavily upon charisma and luck to win. “To raise new questions, new possibilities, to regard old problems from a new angle, requires creative imagination and marks real advance in science.”

– Albert Einstein.

« Bill Pappas

My name is Bill Pappas, I’m currently studying Anthropology at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and it is really cool actually. I don’t want to waste my time in life and I try to live day–to–day, moment–to–moment. I try to spend my time here finding the beautiful things and gravitating towards them. Music is what keeps me smiling; I find sharing music and dance to be one of the most enlightening experiences life can bring. Other than music, I love losing myself in a book or in the great outdoors. My favorite element is wind and my birthday is June 12, 1991. I find myself constantly searching for the truths in the world and I hope to one–day wake up to a world where everyone and everything on it is in harmony. Lately I’ve found myself participating in rallies and protests, which I find to be exhilarating and spiritual in essence. I’ve always loved rocks and I look forward to finding some good ones on the trail. Something I admired in Charlie was that you always knew he had your back no matter the situation, I knew he could be counted on for anything, and that is a quality I hope to embody as I grow and learn in life. One of my favorite quotes by Einstein is, “Look deep into nature, and then you will understand everything better.” I’m taking a 2,000–mile walk with some friends and I feel it will be the best thing I’ve ever done.

Daniel Gaspari »

My name is Daniel Gaspari. I am a Junior at Appalachian State University. After the better part of three years of deliberation I recently declared geology as my major and intend to pursue a career in the field of environmental consulting. From a young age I was fostered with a love of the outdoors. Some of my most cherished childhood memories consist of hiking in the mountains of North Carolina with my family and friends. Hiking the Appalachian Trail was a goal that I set for myself a long time ago, but the enormous time commitment that it requires caused me to doubt that I would ever get the chance to realize this dream. Charlie’s carpe diem attitude was always a source of inspiration for me and his passing has made me realize that now is the time to achieve my aspirations. I am joining the rest of the crew in early May after I finish the spring semester and intend on completing the trail before school starts in late August. The introspection that an endeavor of this magnitude offers will help me decide what I want out of life and will provide me with an opportunity to better the lives of others by raising money for World Vison. If Sarah Schattenfield could have me be any animal she would have me be a lobster, I would be a peregrine falcon.

« Lacy Morrow

Currently hailing from Boone and Appalachian State University, I am a 21–year–old Web Developer and Computer Science major and web designer for the Charlie ’s Vision project. I spend my time drinking coffee and banging out radical code most of the day. When I’m not working, my free time is spent longboarding, hiking, or just kickin’ it, playing some lively Ben Folds music on some well loved and worn piano keys. The natural world — trails,forests, wildlife,  backpacking, camping, and hiking are imprinted into my genetic design. I love to read, play ultimate frisbee, and as Charlie taught me, to live without worries or regret.

My mission is to help carry Charlie ’s dream for hiking the Appalachian Trail and to fan the fire that he lit within me. This hike will be the my greatest achievement so far, and I ’ll be honored to do it in Charlie ’s name. Fortune favors the brave. If I could be any animal I would be an otter.

John Patrick Roberts »

Currently a junior at Appalachian State University, I am a 21 year old political science major aspiring to a legal career or public service. I obsessively read anything I can get my hands on as well as writing poetry and short stories. I love doing anything outdoors — hiking, snowboarding, camping, skateboarding, and playing in the sunshine. Optimism is part of the American culture and an attitude I incorporate into everything I do. Life is full of challenges, but those willing to look will always find an opportunity. “The woods are lovely, dark, and deep. But I have promises to keep, And miles to go before I sleep, And Miles to go before I sleep”.