The trip is complete!


Welcome to Charlie’s Vision! Through this website, we hope to immortalize the beautiful legacy Charlie Butterworth left behind- one that encompasses overwhelming elements of personality, compassion, fellowship, but most notably, adventurousness. Charlie was a true outdoorsman, his yearning to “explore the next trail” or “hike the next hike” was incessant. His steadfast optimism allowed him to appreciate beauty in everything and everyone, and our goal now and for the rest of our lives will be to emulate his spirit in whichever ways we can. The most obvious place for this manifestation is in the great outdoors, which Charlie always appreciated as a true gift from God. We are preparing to embark on a thru–hike of the Appalachian Trail beginning this April, 2012. This hike — in which all 2,000+ miles will be documented on film — will serve as a tribute to Charlie’s love of exploration and service work. Upon our return, the footage from the trail will be made into a documentary for any and all to see.

In it, we hope to expose the true healing power of the great outdoors and to show the world, whether they knew our dear friend or not, that nature is our most pure playground and it wants to be explored. We are so glad you have found your way to Charlie’s Vision, and hope you will use this website as a way to stay connected to Charlie, and the hikers that have chosen to honor him. Please continue exploring the site to learn more about Charlie's life and work, and how you can directly support Charlie’s crew and World Vision in their efforts to continue celebrating his life.


We would like to thank:

Great Outdoor Provisions

For a generous discount on hiking gear, food, and equipment.

Jesse Brown’s Outdoors

For a generous discount on hiking gear, food, and equipment.

Charlotte Eye, Ear, Nose and Throat

For a generous discount of saline bottles.

Mountain Crossings

Thanks for the assistance, good wishes, and advice.

Blueberry Patch Hostel

Great hospitality, great people.

Steve & Maggie of Aquone Hostel

For their wonderful and friendly hospitality, delicious meals, and excellent wisdom and advice. An amazing and beautiful place to stay the night if you are in the Franklin area!

Thank you to Peter and June of Burkes Garden, VA for their trail magic.

Thank you to Ian Wegener and Mom & Pops Digital Printer for the awesome graphic prints.

Thank you to Jane Hall for masterminding the Charlie's Vision T-Shirt sales and distribution.

A warm thank you hug to all those who helped get us from Virginia to Connecticut we couldn't have done this without your help: Mary Wegener and Marsha Gaspari, Pat Hudson, Leah Schattenfield, Mary Pappas and Kyle Hoover, and finally Peter Schattenfield and family.

BIG thank you to all who have supported us and this cause. Your love and support keeps this community going.